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I started it 16 years ago and we have had over half a million players of our free game in that time.
People still play it today!

Nations at War is A Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Battlefield Style Game.
Built upon the roots of a small group of Friends, some of which have played together for many years.
Nations at War has grown beyond the Tournament it was originally developed for,
Nations at War has turned into a truly massive Single player, Multiplayer and Coop Experience.

The first public release of Nations at War (3.9) was in April 12th 2006, all prior releases were only made available to tournament players.
Our last public release of Nations at War (6.0) was in March 30th 2011, after this we all took a well-earned break until in November 24th 2015,
When a video Only In Battlefield 2 - 210 bots, NAW 7.0 mod, HD 1080p gameplay surfaced on YouTube of Nations at war 7.0 Pre Final,
One of my fellow developers contacted me asking if we had started working on Nations at war 7.0, I stated that I had not released this version without them,
I quickly had moddb shut it down Nations at war 7.0 Pre Final. which caused an uproar as people wanted a new version apparently.
On May 11th 2017 we publicly announced there would be a new version released but it would be the biggest project any of us had ever undertaken,
On November 5th 2018 we released a closed beta to our testers who helped guide us in the right direction regarding game play,
On February 20th 2021 we proudly released 1.23 (8.23) Our Developers created a "New" Multi-threaded Download / Auto-Updater that will increase client download speeds by up to 400%, In our testing Max download speed went from 8mbs to 36mbs, This was written from the ground up just like the stats system was 4 years ago!


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